Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Near Saint Peter Cemetery

A piece on the news about the now tropical depression Alberto conspired with a conference report on archival disaster preparedness (a page-turner) to get me thinking about New Orleans. My wife and I made a last minute decision to vacation there last summer, about three weeks before the flood. In the weeks that followed, we made donations, wondered what happened to that chatty cabbie and the little antique map shop, and cast sad eyes on all of the images of places we had just been, then underwater.
Like the situation in Crescent City, there’s not yet a resolution to this thought. Both remain a bit of a mess. Instead of a conclusion or an answer, I end with one of my favorite paintings, which hangs in the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, 925 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA.

Clyde Broadway

Trinity - Elvis and Jesus and Robert E. Lee

ogden museum

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