Thursday, June 22, 2006


Yesterday was the longest day of the year. Obviously this statement will invite a hail of quibbling over details, involving definitions of apsides, the difference between Julian and Tropical Calendars, and may end with a hastily scribbled anelema. Roll with the punches.
This event doesn't consistently align with a calendar date or the beginning of a fiscal year, and falls among all of those other pieces of trivia that you figured out at some point, but don't altogether remember. As a result, it comes and goes without being noticed by most people.
In ages past, such an event was venerated. It was significant. It was a gift from whomever or whatever people believed had created the world. This event was also proof-positive in the competence and wisdom of the leadership. They predicted it, and it showed-up right on schedule.
The solstice remains worthy of observing, especially for those of us married to clocks and calendars. I'm not suggesting painting your face and making a blood-offering. Instead, take this as an excuse to celebrate however it is that you celebrate. Take a walk. Go out to dinner. Talk to a friend.
This event also reminds us to question our own leaders. Read something about politics. Chat with your boss. Inform yourself and ask if the decisions you see are sage and just.

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