Monday, September 17, 2007

Hello, I must be going

The blog world seems to be falling apart, perhaps devoured by The Nothing from The Neverending Story. I read others repeating this sentiment, and I see it manifest in the storied former Blogs of Note that go without updates for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Alas, the departed will shortly be joined by The Influence Machine.
Sadly, I can nolonger make time for this blog. I’m stretched thin with a renewed job-hunt, grad school, serving on my city’s environmental commission, volunteering for community groups, and come March, raising my first child. I'm "a bit of butter, spread over too much bread," as it were.
To those who have read and especially to those who have commented, you’ve made this experience rewarding. You’ve educated me about a great deal. I hope I’ve done a little of the same for you. I plan to keep reading others' blogs, though I may or may not keep using the name "E.R. Dunhill" when I comment. Perhaps ERD will be back in the future.
I encourage everyone to keep reading, keep writing (whether that's anything to do with blogs, or not), and keep an open mind.


twotymer97 said...

Let me be the first to say...Wahhhhhhhhhh!

I will miss being a bystander at your brain-bending discussions. But, living--really living--is much better than blogging about living.

At least that's my opinion. :)Hope to "see" you around.

Progressive said...

I am deeply saddened by this! Continue looking towards the future, thinking methodically, and forever grasp the rungs of change - true thinkers as yourself will be the only offense towards making the World a greater, and more sustainable place for my future and your soon to be children. Congratulations.

Panhandle Poet said...

I hope you return soon. I have been inundated with work the last couple of weeks so I am one of those guilty of so-so blogging effort. I hope you land the job of your dreams.

Sue said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! And how serendipitous. I was just debating writing a post about the problem of the lack of time, and its impact upon blogging -- when I decided that I'd rather spend the time reading other's blogs than writing mine.

I shall deeply miss my favorite blog and blogger. Persons with your range of knowledge and interest and your perspicacity are not easily encountered!

Pat Jenkins said...

good luck erd. please keep in touch!!!

E. R. Dunhill said...

I hope all is well with mother and new baby. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the discourse, and I encourage you to continue it in your own community. You’ve contributed a lot of good insights.

E. R. Dunhill said...

Thank you. I wish you luck with your continued studies, and can offer you no better advice than what you offered here to me.
I’ll be interested to see your "sustainability manifesto".

E. R. Dunhill said...

panhandle poet,
Thank you for the well-wishes. Alas, I think there may be a PhD between where I am and my dream job.
I’ll keep reading as long as you have time to write.

E. R. Dunhill said...

I am moved by such kind words from someone of your clear knowledge and commitment to learning. The Sociological Stew is a great project- one I plan to keep reading.

E. R. Dunhill said...

Thank you for the energy you’ve put into discussions on this blog. Your comments have generated both heat and light. Keep talking and listening, even when everyone seems to disagree- the effort remains sublime.

jez said...

This makes me intensely sad. I feel like someone I know - yet don't know has died. Is that weird? Yes...I guess that would be - so you are smart to get out and away from the weirdoes out there.

I'll miss you E.R. - good luck with the baby.

hellomelissa said...

goodbye, good luck, and keep on blogging in your mind. it's what i do when i simply can't find the time to post. which is often.

twotymer97 said...

Uhhhhh, just checking to see if you are back yet.

Nope, guess not.

nobody+knows. said...

aww, shows you how late i am to not even know about this until 3 months later. good of you to have kept visiting my journal from time to time :) congrats on the baby btw! that's certainly good news. certainly i'd have to say the same, i simply do not have time to blog much, at all. it's easier when you don't have schools, a job, and some extra time for the spouse on the side. hopefully you'll still post from time to time, you are an interesting read when i do find the time to read :) keep in touch! (i should take my own advice...)

you've been a great inspiration and friend, thanks for everything :D