Monday, April 23, 2007

It’s easy being green

Pick one, pick five, or try them all.

Read Walden
Eat local produce
Plant a local breed of tree
Go meat-free at least one day per week
Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
Read Silent Spring
Take chemistry
Walk in a local park
Ride the train instead of driving
Go fishing
Insulate your hot-water pipes
Eat fair-trade chocolate
Plant a vegetable garden
Combine trips
Use your local library
Swim in the ocean
Vacation in your region instead of flying
Drive a hybrid car
Take geology
Use local heirloom seed
Install a rain barrel on your gutter/downspout
Smell the flowers
Take agronomy
Read Cradle-to-Cradle
Go running


Anonymous said...

Hi ERD! Hi Kermit! What a mascot for Go Green, he's perfect!

Nabeel said...

well .. also, green is the color that geniuses pick.