Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lights... camera... Think globally, act locally

On Thursday, the DC Environmental Film Festival announced its 2007 line-up for screenings and discussions. This year, the guest list will include Canadian naturalist and honorary hipster, David Suzuki.
Among Suzuki's claims to fame are the bylines on more books than most people read in 2 years, and the perennially popular documentary series, The Nature of Things. He also inspired at least one pedantic blogger to take an interest in sciences other than physics.
Films will be screened at the National Gallery of Art, the National Archives, American U., GWU, the National Geographic Society, and many of the major DC museums.
Notably among the films this year are An Inconvenient Truth and the world premier of the documentary Ribbon of Sand. The 10-day festival will be the US-premier for 9 other environmental films. Organizers are also showing a number of green films geared toward kids. A (sizeable) PDF of the schedule is available, but readers might find this one a little more user-friendly.
If you are local to the DC area, this event is always interesting. If, alas, you can't be here in person, many of the films are screened in other venues, or are available on DVD. Ask your local library or bohemian coffee-house about hosting a screening.

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jez said...

Wow, this sounds like quite the event, I feel bad that I haven't been able to participate in our little local shin-dog Sundance. By the way has turned into quite the circus of celebrities...makes me a little uncomfortable now that it's a spot for the paparazzi and Paris Hilton. Ugh.

Anyway, I hope you have fun!

P.S. Jez - short for Jezebel/babyjezebel – been using it as a handle for years now. Took it on after Bette Davis in the movie Jezebel and the biblical creature who liked to kill Christian prophets.

I’d like think that she got a bad rap.

Silly, I know. :)