Thursday, August 17, 2006

Things scribbled on August 10 from 12:11-12:26


my Mondrian wall
golden world dances beyond
she took the choice seat

it hides in plain sight
gnarled tree by the coffee shop
leaving life behind

the jackass and the pachyderm are fighting for the crown
six or an even half-dozen
overzealous congressional staffers
wrinkled suits
phones singing Motown to Providence crackers
wasting their brief lives in servitude
liars, salesmen, and big-tent-revivalists
none better than the last

waiting for Godot
Ray rambles schizoid sermons
I seem to be blind

"no more coffee," my watch scolds me. time to go.


Charise said...

"phones singing Motown to Providence crackers"

I'm a cracker, but my phone is set on vibrate.

meeshelleegirl said...

hmmmm.... don't know if I earn more points with an HBO series ringtone.... Six Feet Under.

That was an amazing poem. I wear no watch but am scolded still.

The Seeker said...

Thank you for your well wishes. I couldn't agree more. :) Thanks for dropping by, by the way.