Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Four thousand thirty-two words

Pyramid of Kukulkan.

El Caracol. Literally, “the snail” (a reference to the spiral shape of the central structure), this was an astronomical observatory.

Outskirts of town, a few miles from Chichen Itza.


nobody+knows. said...

thanks, that's a huge compliment to me that you left on my blog. yeah i do too much urban, cuz that's all i see =T

but in response to the photos in this entry of yours, the 2nd photo somehow reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle. i don't mean to flood your comments in every entry, but it fascinates me, kind of. seen that jay-z ad of the laptop on tv? it reminds me of how the animation breaks down and rebuilds itself, sort of, i'm not sure why. anyway, the trip sounded fantastic. ruins have a mysterious romance to them, to actually stand there and actually FEEL the change and history. you're so lucky =) the lady must've loved it.

let me know if you're one of those who minds constant comments, i have a feeling i'll be reading yours a lot.

E. R. Dunhill said...

I didn’t mean to imply that your posts overdo the urban images. Far from it, I think the mirror photo and the one of the red arches along the sidewalk are your best work.
I see what you mean about the jigsaw puzzle with respect to El Caracol. There were several structures that had shed some pieces that felt as if they could just as easily be unfinished as falling apart. The whole place is surreal. I don’t recall having seen the commercial you mention, though.
As for posting comments, if you have something to write, be my guest. If I didn’t want people to post comments, I’d turn off the comments feature or turn on comment-moderation.

Christi said...

Ancient ruins, fascinating.